Syndrome Words in Utd’mbts

Syndrome Words

A syndrome or yaufohx is a cluster of symptoms or descriptive elements that share a common flavor or meaning, though some with a mere soupçon.

A yaufohx may have nested containers of sub-syndromes or yaufohtx.

Syndrome words usually end with the suffix -xtn. A sub-syndrome ends in -xttn. a sub-sub syndrome ends in -xtw. A third level yaufohtx ends in -xttw.

A pervasive or an insidious characteristic of the yaufohx inheres in all the elements.

An example is the “insecurity syndrome,” or dhviwsaxtn. Many yaufohtx may subsume under this banner. An example for level two is vifzioxttn (need for self-esteem). Within that yaufohx may be several yaufohtx such as nysbdjuwxtw (rationalizing), and ntdiaxtw (the need for power). Within nysbdjuwxtw (rationalizing) may be a level 3 yaufohtx: ihnpexttw (“the ends justify the means.”)


“Dhviwsaxtn vifzioxttn nysbdjuwxtw ihnpexttw.”

— In the insecure person prestige is found from achieving a goal regardless of the methods used and the collateral damage done in the process. Guilt and remorse are suppressed or non-existent.

— Naztko


8 thoughts on “Syndrome Words in Utd’mbts

  1. Maybe I’ll just say, “Dhviwsaxtn vifzioxttn nysbdjuwxtw ihnpexttw” is usually abbreviated as “ihnpe3”. I’m not sure where to go with this. Maybe I’ll make the diagram bigger. But this is probably a total waste of time. Maybe I’ll go back to the story.


  2. This is very wise (almost over my head maybe, I had to really concentrate) but I think i got it. So the suffix represents the syndrome and what level it is. Personally I think I have the vifzioxttn and probably a few others that aren’t listed here. But the vifzioxttn would be the main syndrome that causes or correlates to the others? Very interesting to say the least. I love that you’re working on your project again!


    1. That’s interesting because Kvizee Doug tells me that he had a similar experience reading a psychology book by A.H. Maslow from 1954. Maslow was giving his special definition for “syndrome” as used in psychology, and he read it 20 times and still couldn’t quite get it and said that he thought his head would explode. I’ll tell Doug that you’re glad he’s working on the Utd’mbts translation again, but don’t tell Zawmb’yee yet that Kvizee Doug is still alive… Yeah, I know, I’m forgetting who I am and getting very confused. All the writers of the blog are getting mixed up writing in first person. I think since it’s an English translation anyway that maybe he can forget the long suffixes and just use numbers for the levels.


    2. When I was reading Maslow about Syndromes, I had to concentrate very hard to keep together all the things he was saying all together at once, and I did think my head was going to explode. But I wanted to get some vague idea of how to create a new kind of grammar for Utd’mbts because right now I just have a few random words in the blog. It’s a very old book that was called Motivation and Personality. It’s odd that I still have it from years ago and I bought it on a whim: I was wandering in a college bookstore getting my required books for the courses I was taking. There was a course in psychology that I was NOT taking and never heard of but the bookshelf had a sign that said that that book was required for that course whatever it was. I decided to buy it even though I was not taking that class. Anyway, I’ve never understood it exactly — it seems to ramble a lot… oh so I have to see if I can publish my own ramble.


      1.     [edit]
        That’s kinda how it was for me just now. I really had to concentrate and re-read things several times before I thought I finally got it (hopefully!)
            That’s an interesting story about how you found the book. Right after high school I worked in a college textbook store when I lived in Lexington. Sometimes I’d flip through books when we were slow and read about all sorts of different things. I don’t remember if I ever saw that book though. Well i always enjoy reading your rambles….


  3. Ok I was trying to edit and hit the send button to soon. It’s supposed to say “that’s an interesting story…” . And I don’t know why the word treatment is there it should be “remember”. This phone has Auto correct and it gets a little crazy at times. Tries to make me sound like I’m speaking gibberish. Ugh


    1. That’s an interesting story. I like your treatment of the subject, so I was able to edit it. Everythinggg is perfecttttto now. It’s good that Auto correct is able to change tires and antipasto brackets on cars. A veryy good treatmento.


    2. I just found the book on Amazon. A new third edition costs $187.34
          That’s crazy. I have the first edition hardcover and it still has the handwritten price on the inner cover sheet — it cost me $7.25
          I think I thought it was a lot at the time since I was speculating on whether I could understand or use it (which at the time I couldn’t). So I guess I thought: Look at all that money down the drain and I kept hearing, “If you’re not going to read it, why don’t you throw it away…”
          But now I’m thinking, ah ha, a treasure. Well, not exactly — I saw the used first edition that I have for $48.97… so since it’s not a treasure, I’m keeping it even though I still don’t understand it.


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