They are building a Jetty into the ocean, but it’s silly because when the new Ice Age comes, the sea levels will go down as the ocean freezes. Of course, there isn’t even an agreed about language to discuss such matters.
    There is a problem with the clash of jargon and common speech. The structures used to stop beach erosion that jut out into the ocean perpendicular to the beach are commonly called “Jetties” but technically the experts say they should be called “groins.”
    The jetty that would be groin is from Latin, to grunt (grunnire)–> pig’s snout (grunium)–> Old French, groign–> snout(groin)
    Informal: The region of the genitals. From depression or abyss, Old English (grynde)–> groin
    In the future the High Priestess and new President will induce an Ice Age by interfering with ocean currents and triggering an abundance of volcanoes.
    Parfois, l’argot peut submerger le jargon comme une marée : l’aine(“groin”anglaise) contre la digue (“jetty” anglaise)


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