Traveling to this time period before we emerged from the caves is a bit disconcerting. I can’t seem to remember where the secret entrances to the caves are. So in this place in time I have no authority. If I could get back to The Cave of the Third Sun, I would preside over the Forbidden Zone, and would be well respected… um, well, until the rebellion, and the war of course. Time travel, as they say, is not what it’s cracked up to be. Difficult and confusing. I’m not sure if this present chaos is better than one of the future chaoses.
    I hope I don’t make the same mistake that Doug and Zawmb’yee made: come up-top, assimilate incompletely and hapazardly, and write a blog which ends the world. Well, yes, I know, I travelled back in time specifically to prevent that, but now that I’m here, now, I can’t remember what my plan will have been. I mean, then in the future coming to now. Of course. Huh.


2 thoughts on “Traveling in Time Is Like a Stroll in the Park

  1. I’m so confused…i checked the reader earlier and it didn’t show anything new. But now there’s something that’s been here for 17 hours! Anyway interesting entry. I have trouble remembering things some times too. Though I don’t really have a top secret plan i need to remember or anything like that…i don’t think? What if I just forgot that I ever had a plan? Umm.. Haha…
    I bet time traveling could really mess with one’s memory though…


    1. Yes, thanks. Nobody warned me about side-effects or time-motion sickness… well, I guess they knew if I knew I wouldn’t have gone. But now I’m somewhere new and old… oh something blue, and I could officiate at a wedding or something…


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