“Wild Conversations Overheard in Malibu and Boulder” by Susie Lindau

RE: “Have you overheard a conversation worth remembering?
    Once when I was in the future when the Gods will return, I overheard the Emissary thinking about the Gods true purpose for returning: They are having a contest on who can produce the Galaxy’s largest dessert. They intend to freeze the surface of the Earth and unleash liquid chocolate and ice cream stone volcanos. An ellipsoid craft will be bombing with cherries.
    But Tiglekso. I’ve come from the future to prevent that from happening.
    I agree with you that bragging to your friends with the wrong vocabulary can be a problem. It’s an especially bad problem for the Gods who are notorious for being misunderstood. They tend to dislike English as it’s so limited.
   Writing sex scenes can be scenic, but it’s difficult to do if you’re not sure what they’re thinking. Well, I suppose sometimes they’re not consciously thinking in the ego sense, but the brain at other levels is very busy. Sometimes one does not want to overhear those sub-thoughts especially if it involves a cow or buffalo as in the example you gave.]

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Eavesdropping, overheard and entertained in Malibu and Boulder.

I’ve overheard a lot of wild conversations. I’m an eavesdropper by nature. Shh! Don’t tell anyone… It can be very entertaining.

Here are three conversations I’ve overheard. I just had to share:

#1. While visiting Malibu, I walked through a parking a lot filled with sports cars and other gleaming top-of-the-line vehicles. A middle-aged couple walked toward me while holding hands. The man talked in a loud voice for my benefit, I’m sure.

“What was I supposed to say to the guy? Yes, I loved your script, especially the part when they humped in every scene.”

Dogs? Teenagers? Who knows? Gotta love Malibu.

#2. While hiking on a trail north of Malibu, I overheard a wild story. Two young ladies leaned in while another spoke. I tried to keep up with their brisk pace.

“My friend, George, who worked as a waiter, flew in from London for a few days. It…

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