In the future where I come from I have completed the Utd’mbts to English dictionary, level zero, but now I find it hard to remember what I will be writing, and certainly there will be no useful translation of Upper Utd’mbts because that entails telepathy.

However, I do remember a few yraihecta. These are words that represent an idea or concept that usually requires a page or two of exposition in English to provide an equivalent meaning. Often what can be said in a word on Utd’mbts has no one-word equivalent in English.

[Well, yes, I know, I’m not very good at idiomatic English. I think that Doug and Zawmb’yee have had more time up-top and so they’re more fluent in English, but they’re not available.]

Anyway, so…

Exhibit A for a yraiheca:
    shall we try nawibsugja?
Nawibsugja means:

    It’s better to be a hypocrite who holds in different parts of his mind, contradictory ideas, waiting for them to be fused together like in a hydrogen bomb, who sometimes declares himself pious, sometimes tries to be pious, yes, better to be than believing only in the tangible…”

And here’s a yraiheca that Zawmb’yee and Doug once described in a chatty way. Doug said:
“Well, being absorbed in the world of my characters, feeling as if they actually exist and are real, I wonder what is real. Do we live in a dream? Is everything we perceive just our imagination? How do we know this is real and…”



    “It means something like, ‘Philosophers can say the world is unreal until reminded of pain, chocolate, and sex.’ ”

“One word for that?”

“Actually, it’s more than that. Most Utd’mbts words are symbols for concepts. There are different levels of sophistication for the Utd’mbts language. Utcoozhoo says I’m mostly at the baby talk babble stage where a symbol stands for a sound, but higher forms of Utd’mbts have nothing to do with sound. There is the ‘thing’, the actuality of what is referred to, and then different levels of symbolism which are to re-trigger the experience of the ‘thing’. ”

[Well, yes, I know, not exactly elucidating, but that’s the best I can find for now in my present state of mind.]

Furthermore, yikes. A conjunction that can join yraihecta is iviy. The iviy indicates a mutual entanglement of the two words.

So, “Nawibsugja iviy evewapei” has a meaning that involves a struggle to reconcile the contradictions of believing that both the spiritual and tangible worlds are real at the same time. Or, neither the tangible world is un-real nor is the spiritual world un-real.”

[Yes, yes, I know, ubemuwx! but this is the best I can do for now.] (I hope no scholars have followed me back from the future to ridicule my attempt.]


2 thoughts on “Trying to Remember Yraihecta

  1. Mmm chocolate…Evewapei…i like that chocolate, pain and sex are whay makes us remember that we’re not in a dream. Not sure why that interested me so much. Perhaps because sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in some weird dream loop. Perhaps i just need more chocolate and sex (giggling).I do believe that spiritual and tangible worlds are real at the same time though…
    Great writing!


    1. Yeah, weird dream loops are hard to get out of. Sort of like a vicious circle where you always wind up where you started with the same problem unresolved.
          Defining words is much harder than I thought it would be. It’s like asking what’s the essence of the context. I guess it’s time to stop scattering words about like sprinkles on an ice cream cone and look for some rules I can start to use before the coining of new words gets totally out of control. I found a few patterns so I’m going to call them the new rules for new words. The old words I’m going to call “exceptions” to the rules.


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