Enjoy the flowers of hope for now. There will be a last straw for everyone when they drink the false nectar of salvation, and allow the High Priestess to rule the world with her Mystical Powers. There will be no Free Speech, but only Her speech, and as all minds fade and blend to her will, all flowers will wilt with the coming of the Ice Age, and with the coming of the Gods — Naztko

The Blog That Would Destroy the World

Slowly, petal by petal,
like bloomies of wax paper
I see them, and know that

I’ve strawflowers on flour day,
have many cookies to eat, and

have these new awesome flowers
with crinkly origami smiles, because

for this day, strawflowers
informal flora as they are with endless straws
chat with me by their signing bloom
as I dip these straws of mine
in to two
strawberry milkshakes
for my love.

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