“Collaboration” by Kerrstee

[I love how you were able to show both eyes of the dog clearly, both the one in the shadow and the one in the sunlit side. I’ve always had a problem with a black-fur dog where the background is always too light and one eye disappears into a shadow. It’s interesting how the human eye has no problem with this: on the brightest day one can look into both eyes of a dog. Cameras don’t seem to work very well — very primitive.]


3 thoughts on ““Collaboration” by Kerrstee

  1. Cute dog… yeah black dog faces are hard to photograph. Outdoors and natural light usually shows both eyes better. But petals doesn’t like that it shows all of her white furs better too, haha. I read this article about how black animals don’t get adopted as much because there are stigmas about bad luck etc… But also because a lot of younger people said that they chose lighter color pets because the black ones didn’t photograph as well for social media pictures. Weird huh?


    1. That is weird. But I’ve always wondered why with all the advances in science that they can’t perfect cameras. I mean, when they make movies, or on TV, the actors have to wear makeup because the cameras don’t record them correctly.
          Hmm, I wonder if they make dog make-up. Petals could touch up her white hair. Ooops, forget I said that, some silly person is liable to do that.
          Come to think of it: it’s weird that technology drives us to artificially change our appearance. Maybe it’s the custom for some E.T.’s to wear a third artificial arm as well as a powdered wig, and a cameo medallion with a picture of George Washington, or Glx Teclxvile.


    2. Yeah, they should have a show: “Whispering Dog Photographer”. Although, I don’t know if they have cameras that dogs can operate with their paws. Actually, come to think of it, it’s not fair because I know that chimps and gorillas can be taught to operate cameras that are made for hands and not paws.
          Oh yeah, I really meant to say “Dog Whisperer” Photographer. Although, maybe dogs who whisper can operator cameras better than dogs who bark.


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