Sage and ENTRY 125


The sage’s appetite mushrooms.
He has shallots, mushrooms, hazelnuts
and has bread and beard trimmed

He has parsley, but
he is starving to death
waiting for God, because

he will not eat
when the sage is missing

[Everyone is waiting for the Gods to return so the Ice Age can begin. Maybe a sage like Utcoozhoo can help her come back to her senses. But where is he?]

No, no, no, what am I saying. Zawmb’yee is in big trouble, and she wants me dead, but she’s not herself. So, maybe that’s why even though I used to know Upper Utd’mbts as a child, I blocked it out of memory. It is a dangerous language.

But I have to remember or re-learn it because something very sinister is overtaking the world, or at least my little world. I’m reading the blogs that Zawmb’yee wrote and she has been so kind to me and it seems like she is in love with me. But can I do this, can I be in love. Sometimes when I watch her leaving I have such a warm feeling, pride for “my daughter” going out into the world and I love her. No, that can’t be, that’s not possible because I have eokxavexa and love would seem to be forbidden to me. But I love so much to watch her in the world, and it is such a delight when I can teach her something, and she understands me. But she meets so many who are superior to me, and although I love for her the best, and I love that they love her, I am so damn jealous because I am not actually a functioning normal person, and just one of the throw-a-ways (eokxavexa) who they say could never love a person like her.

No, but now, Zawmb’yee, you’ve listened too much to evil forces, and maybe now I must listen and speak for you. I don’t know. I don’t understand. I’m reading what you’ve written and it is wonderful and sad. There’s something I must cry about and something I must love. I don’t know. So for you, I must begin again to learn Utd’mbts to know what the conspirators are doing because the chatter must be intense and subversive, and it hurts so much that you are lost.


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