Entry 128

Entry 128

Musical Chairs

Yes, indeed, what does Angela know. She’s an old friend and she let me stay in the back room of the Moose Café, but she supported Zusoiti Gabpix for Mayor just based on her quirkiness and purple hair. Everyone in town knows about the big explosion at the old mansion and the disappearance of Zusoiti, but I doubt any of the locals understand what the tax evasion charges were about, and where she was getting her money. They still haven’t torn down all the “Zusoiti for Mayor” posters on Darling Street. Yeah, but, I’d say that Darling Street is charming. It has all the essentials like a pizza shop, ice cream store, art gallery, bank, and antique shop. Hmm, I’m not sure what the difference is between “shop” and “store”. I guess one is sort of English — I know they don’t have “sidewalks” but “walkways I think” and they don’t have “elevators” but “lifts”. I think I could use a lift.

Angela has been acting odder by the day. It all started I think when she said we must go to the Antique Shop for a special event. And I was thinking, oh no, not like the “party” at the gallery where you needed a lot of Champagne to get through looking at abstractions and acting like you liked something and trying not to be tricked into buying something in order to look “cultured”.

But they knew her as a sucker. She wanted the “Pair French Louis XIV Style Needlepoint Open Arm Chairs”, only $1200. And then I wondered why anyone would sit where a chair is more valuable than a person at rest. But the Antique store was on hard times and they wanted to play games, and make wild promotions, because maybe now it had become trés chic to play games.

Hence Angela insisted that we go to the “Musical Chairs” contest at the Antique Shop on Darling Street next to the oak tree.

When we had arrived at the Antique Shop they were so friendly and Angela was charmed, but I had a really bad feeling about it. They had an evil charm. Odd games.

Yes, as they promised there would be a game of “Musical Chairs” and the winner would win a big prize. Angela was really happy to participate. I preferred to watch.

The first round was ominous. The music stopped and someone plopped down really hard on an antique chair and broke it. They were going to make her pay for it: $5,000. But she had made a recording of the proceedings and she said, “You didn’t warn us that these were fragile chairs.”

Conceding, they said, “Okay, we’ll forgive this one mistake. Um, attention everyone: when the music stops, not only do you have to find a chair, but you have to be gentle about it. You know the expression: if you break it, you own it, however, the winner will get a big prize. If you want to kill each other with crashes, it will cost big money, but do what you want.”

So some people destroyed the chairs in order to be certain to sit and they paid a lot for their destruction. But in the end Angela won and sat in the last chair.

But it was eerie because somehow I thought they wanted her to win. When the music stopped and she could not find a chair, someone paused long enough for her to find a seat and gently sit.

So Angela won the grand prize. But it was weird. She won two antique purple bangle bracelets with ancient inscriptions. The presenters pushed them really hard over her hands because they were very small, and they whispered to her.

Angela has never been the same since.


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