Entry 131

Entry 131

Yeah, maybe vanilla would have been a good idea. But I was looking through the walk-in closet that was carpeted wall-to-wall when I tripped on a lose piece and nearly broke my leg because I fell so hard. But it was a very good thing. There was a lump.

I used the sword to cut through the carpet (though it was not good enough to cut through steel bars or brick), and I cut open the carpet to see what the lump was. There was a ring to pull open a trapdoor.

I pulled it open and climbed down a set of stairs into a cave. I explored it for a long time but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Everything seemed to be a dead end, but there were places where I felt there were openings. I came back up, and almost lost all hope.

At one point I opened the bedroom door and saw Angela standing beyond the bars with a crossbow. I closed the door quickly and several arrows came right through the door. I heard her shouting, “Give me back my sword.”

Oh my God, I didn’t mean it at all, but I shouted back, “If you come in here, I will kill you.” Maybe I could, maybe I would, but I wanted to vomit.

I had thought I had to stay calm and think that it was not likely that she would come in anytime soon and I had at least a few days to plan something. She would probably want to try out her starve-out plan for at least a few days.

I had to re-read and understand what Zawmb’yee had said about her training with Apacevj: she had to remember the feeling when she opened the cave door with her pineapple metaphor meditation, her psychokinesis. Apacevj told her that once she succeeded she must remember the subtle action force, the eksetyk. Well, I had split open the apples, so I could try to think of an eksetyk for opening cave doors.

I kept telling myself, she won’t come tonight, and I should be calm and meditate to focus on an eksetyk.

The second morning without food or drink, I heard Angela shouting, “Doug, come out.” And I opened the door a crack and saw her standing there with her crossbow. I stepped back and arrows came through the door.

I ran to the trapdoor, went down a few steps, pulled the carpet over it, and walked through the cave to where I thought there was an opening. I used my eksetyk and a door opened onto the subway. There was a subway car waiting and I jumped in quickly, thinking it might take off any second. But then I just pushed the button for my apartment and off it went as the cave door closed.


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