Entry 132

The Escape


Actually, it wasn’t of the ordinary kind. The subway car didn’t exactly take off immediately. There was a couch and table like a conference room and G-posh chairs. I sat on the form fitted couch because it would probably be safe enough during the first steep descent into the bedrock. I opened the console in the arm, and pushed the button labeled for my apartment.

There was a bing-bong sound and the train slowly switched onto a descent track, then it almost seemed like the train did a free fall as if from the top of a roller-coaster, but it decelerated smoothly for the last few minutes until it reached the very bottom and stopped. Then there was a buzzing sound; it was the five minute warning. So I walked over the carpet to a G-posh chair and put on my seat belt.

But I remembered how Zawmb’yee hadn’t wanted to go to those G-force jet chairs. I sat down on one and she sat on my lap, and almost got us killed.

It had been a miracle that we had survived her indiscretion: when we went from supersonic speed to an abrupt stop without a seat belt, I don’t know how I did not crush her. She managed to get to the palace that time. This time I was going back to my apartment that we used to share where the subway spirals up inside my apartment building that is now shuttered and closed, a building probably unknown to Angela and the Wipzib.

I don’t think Angela can follow me because she doesn’t know how to find a cave door to the subway and open it with an eksetyk.


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