Entry 134


Dream About Submarine Volcanos

I had a really weird dream. Someone was launching missiles from Antarctica, and hitting the moon. When the moon wobbled the tides changed.

I went back into the cave, past the stalagmite cluster, continuing along the K’ut’mbletaw’i river; the name means, “They say it speaks to wash away false beliefs.”

I sat down on a prominent granite slab in the area of the Nipeiskwari, the place of meandering thought.

Suddenly, Utcoozhoo jumped out of the water. “Doug,” he said, “you must tell Chloë that I will get her press credentials and she must go to the next press conference.”

“But,” I said, “I don’t think she knows anything about news reporting.”

“That’s OK: I’ll give her a set of questions to ask.”

“What questions?” I asked.

“Well, something along these lines: ‘Sir, a two part question: you said in your last Presser that there were no missile launches AT the South Pole. But were there any launches anywhere NEAR the South Pole, or anywhere in Antarctica? And you said there were no lava vents opening up on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean — isn’t that a trick response? It’s just a matter of vocabulary, isn’t it: were there any SUBMARINE VOLCANOES or HYDROTHERMAL VENTS on the floor of the ocean? Was there either lava emerging or exploding steam or both, or for that matter, any anomaly — perhaps chocolate pudding. I think only pudding would be “preposterous”, as you like to say.’ ”

“Well,” I said, “I don’t think the President’s men have a sense of humor.”

“Um,” said Utcoozhoo, “Chloë will figure something out. Or maybe we can have a tag team. Quewunam, the wolf, can come too.”

“Won’t they think the name is odd?”

“Uh, we’ll just make him a Foreign correspondent,” said Utcoozhoo. “Spokespeople don’t expect difficult questions from them. (Surprise, surprise.)” And Utcoozhoo left…

And somehow, I found myself back in my apartment and I had a vision of the ocean floor covered with giant organs. Their pipes produced strange music as smoke poured out of them, and the ocean was in turmoil with multiple tsunamis forming, and then I woke up.


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