Entry 138


The canceling of regular programing is getting annoying. I had thought I could stay indefinitely in the sealed up apartment building. After all, it wasn’t really sealed — there were ventilation shafts in the hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. The power was on. All the refrigerators and cabinets in all the empty apartments had been stocked with food and supplies to fool any official visitors when Utcoozhoo had used the apartments for false identities and addresses.

I had thought I could just stay inside and use the TV as a window on the world. There’d be no need for me to go out and risk being spotted by the Wipzib.

But something has gone wrong. I’m not seeing anything that makes sense.

So, I thought again: it must be Soap Opera Week or something like that. I’ll take a nap and then maybe use my passkey to get some paper towels and a cake from the apartment next-door, or use it to get frozen packages of eggplant parmigiana and veal parmigiana.


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