Changes to the Constitution

Oh, the press conference is starting again, but there are much fewer people present. Zusoiti has come to the podium. She says, “Shall we begin again? Now here are some amendments to the Constitution that two thirds of Congress will be discovering (the final article numbers to be determined):

Enlightenment 1.

In ARTICLE I, SECTION 9 of the Constitution, paragraph 3, to wit [No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed], is hereby repealed.

Enlightenment 2.

SECTION 1. The Eighth Article of amendment to the Constitution is hereby repealed.

SECTION 2. The President or High Priestess may determine which punishment may be available for enforcement of law or decrees.

SECTION 3. The President or High Priestess may issue orders of punishment for new crimes retroactively. Ignorance of what they should have known about the future is not a defense for a person charged with a past behavior not prescribed at the time that has become a crime in the present.

SECTION 4. The President or High Priestess may issue ex post facto laws by decree.

Enlightenment 3.

The President or High Priestess may create a law by decree respecting an establishment of religion and may prohibit the free exercise thereof. The people may not petition the President or High Priestess for redress of grievances.”


There was turmoil. Reporters were getting up out of their chairs, running up and back consulting with each other. Others seemed to just be screaming. Zusoiti said, “Shall we take another break so some of you can disappear? But anyway, I do think what you’re doing now will become a crime in the future. I will have to design some good punishments for you. Perhaps banishment will be the least of them. I think we can remove some empty chairs now.” Zusoiti turning to the side, said, “Yes, Gacplk, what is it?”

He whispered something in Zusoiti’s ear. She continued, “I’ve just gotten a message about the progress of the Ice Age induction process. I will have to postpone the third announcement and end this press conference. Please enjoy the refreshments, the Yoga, and the musical chairs contest.”

A text graphic came on the screen: We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress…


There are more than a few odd things about the press conference. I just assumed that when Zusoiti was sworn in on Air Force One, and flown with the press and the whole entourage to a secret “secure location” that they went to an already established standard air force base used for these occasions. But I’m thinking she could have given the pilot her own coordinates and ordered it to land near one of the cave entrances to an outer province controlled by the elite. Zawmb’yee just stayed in the palace complex, the Kmpamew, and never did get to see the outer provinces. They may have taken them underground to the village of Uzpu where they have a work camp, and where James Ziohat was taken. Zawmb’yee and I never knew about the extensive tunnels and outer villages. We only knew about the limited first caves of the founder and the sacred corridor where a limited administration governed a small primitive complex of caves. I think it’s possible that a small population lived in a limited area their whole life and never knew that there was much more beyond. It’s like before the Europeans knew about the New World. Well, except that this cave New World seems to be both primitive and advanced — um like the serfs and the nobles? So the Grand Council must have had two functions: to govern the façade, and also the more secret world. Maybe a “need-to-know” kind of control of information. And then, I thought I read in Zawmb’yee’s blog that it was forbidden by the Gods to bring the acacizg weapon up-top. It seems to be the weapon that turned so many into ash.

Well, that’s odd: the TV programming seems totally back to normal. It must be the calm before the storm. But anyway, I think the consolidation of power may take a few weeks, so perhaps I should go down to the basement, take the tunnels into the park, and practice meditation as a first step for re-learning Utd’mbts.


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