Getting a Hot Dog


I’ve given up trying to write everything. I had to stop to open alcohol wipe packages to clean the wounds and stop the bleeding with a little pressure. I had wondered if getting to the display screens for the periscope trees would be as easy as pie. But after a long tunnel walk and seeing no tarantulas or lions, I had arrived at a panel of screens.

I surveyed the surveillance camera displays and everything looked clear. There was no one nearby, so I climbed up the short set of stairs, pulled the handle on the underside of the exit rock, and pushed it to the side. I had quickly scampered into the park unseen, and the rock slid back. So now…


Getting a Hot Dog

I am walking down from a mound of elm trees onto a walkway. There is a lady at a hot dog cart with a large shiny black plastic panel in the front. I’m going to see what that is. I’m approaching carefully. She has an aquiline nose with a prominent bridge but it seems to turn up at the end like a pixie nose ( which is impossible ). There are come hither lips, pucker lips, and I’m seeing shapely legs that I’m noticing as she walks around her cart nervously as if she were waiting for something. She puts down a large beach blanket on the grass. I say, being distracted, hello how are you or something like that and she says, “Would you like a hot dog?” And I say, oh, of course, or something, and I mumble to myself, “kegmn.”

She says, “Oh you speak Utd’mbts.”

“Oh,” I say, “yeah a little. But that’s scary. Nobody is supposed to know this…”

“Well,” she says, “you mean that it’s a nice day?”

“Um,” I say, “well the ritual greeting of ‘what a nice day’ is Kegmn, um but…”

She says, “So you acknowledge my presence but you don’t intend to convey any information or feelings.”

“Well I suppose,” I’m answering, while I wonder what’s going on really, “but I don’t know you.”

“Indeed,” she is saying with a wink, “so, shall I bleed a thought to you?”

“Well, I don’t know. Do I have to buy a hot dog?”

“Yes, of course. Could I survive without BSOEI?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll take two with sauerkraut and relish.”

“OK. But I know you’re not hungry.”

“Well yeah, a little smile and a little BSOER makes the sun shine.”

“Well, OK, enjoy whenever you’re ready to eat. I’ll wrap it… next time I see you, you’ll come home with me, because I am a person of many surprises.”

I am puzzled, “Um, uh, um, uh umm, and um. Thank you.”

She says, “Aren’t you going to ask my name, Doug?”

“Did I say my name out loud?” I am getting worried.

“No Doug, but you’re leaking thoughts.”

“Oh geez… that’s what Zawm…(oops , I shouldn’t have said that). That’s what Z said the last time we were in the park.” Who is this person, I’m thinking, and on what side?

“Not much of a secret — I know about the Zawmb’yee crisis.”

“Oh gee…” I don’t know — she seems innocent enough.

“I appreciate your thought that you like my buttocks, but I think I have more of a celestial nose, well not exactly, it’s a picipxom nose, and you haven’t yet looked into my deep blue eyes, and watched how my round jaw forms the words of a seduction.”

“Well,” I am saying to stall until I can think of something. I am watching her lips move, the sounds not seeming important.

“Your heart is racing,” she is saying.

“You are hearing my thoughts of lust?”

“No, it’s just the thumps of your heart are so loud that it’s making the birds fall out of the trees.”

“Oh this is not good if I can give myself away…” But she has a sense of humor, I guess — can’t be all bad.

“Has no one ever taught you blocking?”

“No.” Hm, I did block as a child, but I did everything out of fear.

“I could teach you except that I like listening… hmm, um, interesting — yeah, maybe I could do that…”

“Yikes, I’ll have another hot dog…?” I must be falling apart, losing all barriers.

“When you go back, be careful with the spikes… and remember the password.”

“Oh yes OK, then, what is your name?”

“It’s Efilioe”

“Efilioe, I wanted to ask you something…” I hope this is not going to be a dumb question.


“What is that shiny black plastic panel?”

“Oh, it’s not a panel or a screen. It’s just a hunk of plastic. Undo the latch at the bottom, lift it up by the bottom and you’ll see.”

I unlatched and lifted up the panel. Nothing there. “Oh just plastic huh…” Maybe I should stop now before I really look ridiculous.

“Yeah. If you look on the bottom you’ll see a crack that a hunk of plastic gets from a stone unlike other objects…”

“What’s it for?”

“I’ll show you. Look at it and tell me what you see.”

“I see my reflection.”

“Are you sure? Relax your eyes and don’t focus too much…”

“Well, I still see my reflection, but…” Oddly my reflection is lifting its arms, but I’m not… Oh, it’s back to normal. I must have forgotten I did that.

“But what? If you observe you’ll see that it’s not a reflection.”

Suddenly I’m seeing people running around like a sped up movie or a video in fast-forward play and show mode. I turn around to see if there are people running in the forest frantically fast, or people playing, but there’s no one there. But even if there were, they couldn’t possibly move around so extremely fast, and they couldn’t zoom in and zoom out and change scenes and points-of-view.

She says, “Still think it’s a reflection? Concentrate on one of the images and slow it down…”

“Yeah, it’s definitely not a reflection… who’s generating it?”

“You are. Like in a dream, you generate the images. But only to a certain point. Your subconscious is there but sometimes there are intrusions directing the subconscious to pass along a message or influence.”

I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. I say, “I can’t interpret the message so…”

“With practice you can learn. But you do have to remember BRMEGR and learn to create the MIGE of light.”


“Wait. Wait. Hold that thought. An opportunity is coming up the road to explain.”


“Someone with a gun is coming up the path to rob me. This should be an interesting demonstration for you…”


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