Going to the Park


Yeah, I think I will take the tunnels into the park. I just have to be careful and use the periscope trees. Well, that’s sort of a misleading name. Actually, both artificial and natural trees were planted in the park in strategic ways. Both kinds of trees have tight knots, loose knots, and epicormic knots that are amenable to contain surveillance cameras, and the exit rock door has cameras in its crevices. So I should be able to open the secret door to the park at a safe time.

I’m taking my notebook computer today and writing as I go, and I may try out the voice recognition software when it’s awkward to write things (I gave it my accent and key words that I say in strange ways). Ah hell, I have a paper notebook too because I’m not comfortable with the new stuff and have to annotate for myself. I’m not going to reveal which is which. As they say, just suspend disbelief and allow me poetic license to write a blog entry.

So onward I go (geez that sounds awkward). I am going past the mural in the hallway to the exit door. The encased stairs are tedious but it’s the only safe way to the basement. Step, step, step, puff, puff, I’ve made it down. I have to walk through the boiler room to my lounge and library. I am walking past the natural gas pipes to the door. Yup, the library is still here. It looks a little like the library in Zusoiti’s mansion that was blown up. I’ve never used it much — it always seemed silly to have a recreation center in the basement so far away from my apartment which is more comfortable.

But anyway, I’m pulling out the purple latch book from the book shelf so the book case will slide to the side and reveal the tunnel door. It should be easy from here. There it goes — voilà

The steel tunnel door is revealed. I am opening the door and stepping through onto a platform which depresses slightly. Ut oh, this is not good. I’m in trouble, because I see there’s a real human skeleton on the floor, not a plastic one. I’m turning around to go back because the walls are studded with sharp spikes and I have a bad feeling about it. I’m going back. The door I just went through is locked. This would be a fine day for a panic and a prayer and my heart is fluttering. Death is not my favorite thing: I’d rather have a picnic.

Well then, so onward and forward to the door with a panel. It says, “Enter password.” Hmm um, I am entering: aKiaWkf3iVeiZj.

It is saying, “Wrong password, that’s most unfortunate… clearing.”

There are odd machine sounds ominously echoing in the chamber between doors. The spikes are getting longer and coming out from the walls. I’m reaching for the panel. Oops. Now, I’ve stumbled on a rock. I can’t get my balance. Ow, oh ouch, oh damn. My arm has hit the wall and is bleeding in several places. I’m turning around and banging on the entrance door. No good. I’m turning back and I’m entering: aKiaWkF3iVeiZl?

There is a loud sound of gears turning like a car crusher. It says, “Wrong password. Puncture wounds will appear imminently if you are careless or a trespasser. Warning: It will be painful, and therefore, it’s important to be accurate and knowledgeable. For unauthorized persons, a painful-slow death is justified as a deterrent to others. Rules are rules.”

The spikes are touching my shoulders. I’m entering: AKIaWkF3aVeiZl. Ouch-oh-ouch,ugh, oh hell. The spikes are pricking my shoulders in many places. I hunch to get them away and I’m turning sideways. The walls are moving in to fill the extra space I just made. The groaning sounds are louder. The spikes are moving all the way up against my chest and back. (Screaming. A groan.)

I am shuttering between my screams. More noise.

There is a loud metallic slam, and the scream of gears. It says, “Thank you. Welcome,” and the door opens.

I shuffle sideways through the door, but get scratched in a few places. Now that was easy. The tunnel I think is about a mile long, smooth enough to be carved out by a THIKTDI, because it’s smooth as glass like the rock was melted. It reaches into a forest area of the park where the periscope trees are planted. It is lit by gnolum.


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