“A Beautiful Enigma” by Austin Hodgens

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

relationships, dating, air of mystery, poetry, humor, Modern PhilosopherI cannot read you

Like one of

The numerous books

I devour

On a regular basis.

If anything,

You were written

In an entirely different language

By a truly gifted

Mystery author,

Who refuses to reveal

Who done it.

You always look

So stern and serious,

So consumed

With your

Immediate surroundings,

To a point

Where the casual observer

Might doubt

You even realize

The rest of the world


Rarely is

A smile shared,

Or a moment wasted

On anything

Outside of

The neverending

To Do list

In your mind.

And yet,

I look at you,

Completely intrigued,


And needing

To know more.

Because I have been

On the receiving end

Of the secret smile

You keep

Locked away,

And heard the laugh

So enchanting,

That I have no choice,

But to do

Everything in my power

To make you

Share it again.

I have seen

The kingdom

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