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reference starting still photos by Dandegirl, animation by Doug

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5 thoughts on “r (a)

  1. This is so awesome!!! I love it! You made the cardinal fly and i love the bird shaped clouds in the background, it’s like a giant spirit bird or something? Amazing art ♡♡♡


    1. Thanks. Oh that’s good to know. I didn’t intend to make anything in particular — I just looked for interesting shapes and moved things out of the way when they seemed to clash. Sometimes the colors were all wrong so I circled trouble areas and changed the “hue, saturation, lightness” settings — I don’t know exactly how to use it but I experiment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a disaster. They have other settings I don’t understand but I try them anyway to see what will happen, and then I try to clean up the mess. Sometimes the cleaning-up-the mess process creates something different but interesting. Never what I originally intended. Some of the accidents look OK. But it’s frustrating because I can’t directly get what I want — I have to settle for what happens.


      1. The accidents look awesome! I can see how it could be frustrating in a way too though. Seems like a go with the flow type process. I have a photo editing app I play around with sometimes but it doesn’t do stuff like this at all.


    2. Oh I hadn’t noticed that: I was looking at the little white blob as front facing and thought it looked like the Star Trek Enterprise ship, but now I see if it’s side ways it has bird wings…


      1. Oh I see that too now. I wasn’t looking at the white blob though. I wish you were here so i could point it out exactly but it looks like a giant bird in the clouds flying alongside behind the cardinal. It looks like it has a big open purple beak and a black eye. I think you’d be fun to lie back and lol at the sky with.


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