Utcoozhoo, Zawmb’yee, Doug and I are sharing a blog. It all began when Utcoozhoo wanted Doug and Zawmb’yee to integrate better in the outside world. With the encouragement of Utcoozhoo, Doug began the Blog with the others participating at various times depending on the expediences of life.
    We had thought it would be relatively safe to write the blog because our elites don’t bother to interact or read the internet.
    Until the recent past, most of us have remained in the caves, avoiding mischief. At the time we began, it would have seemed ridiculous and impossible that a blog could lead to the end of the world. But I suppose we’re trying.
    It’s just that in the fog of the distant past there was a Grand Ice Age that threatened the Ut’ishsih people. Before they could perish, the Gods appeared out of the sky to provide food and shelter in the Caves. Many miracles occurred. The Gods provided endless energy supplies, and endless light sources. Great stores of food, metals, and minerals were left in huge warehouses before the Gods mysteriously disappeared.
    When they were on Earth, they communicated thoughts in the Utd’mbts language. The ancient Priests were given an esoteric knowledge to preserve. But over time the knowledge was corrupted and misinterpreted.
    But revolutions are begun anytime. This one begins with the writings in a blog.
    Here is the record of the subversive blog of a small group of Ut’ishsih people trying to learn the nature of reality. It begins with the writings of Doug.
—- Naztko from the future