Let Every QWERTY Die For the Children’s New Keyboard

Path Dependence

    The QWERTY keyboard layout doesn’t have to be forever by the rules of “Path Dependence,” does it? Nope. It’s an accident of history that the Remington company chose that layout and dominated the market.
    In the computer age, keyboards could have keys each of which are miniature display screens which could be reprogrammed for any letter or symbol that it is desired to produce. After re-programming, each key would generate the appropriate code. Every child could learn on a “me” keyboard and once the programmable keyboards were mass-produced, they could go to any keyboard and set it up for their own preferred layout. The keyboards could come with a slot for a chip so anyone could bring their own and instantly reprogram any keyboard. And of course those adults who have already learned QWERTY could keep that layout.
    Once reprogrammed by a chip, any typing lessons would have the software to follow the given layout. The given layout would be shown on the learning screen etc.

— Naztko