Syndrome Words in Utd’mbts

Syndrome Words

A syndrome or yaufohx is a cluster of symptoms or descriptive elements that share a common flavor or meaning, though some with a mere soupçon.

A yaufohx may have nested containers of sub-syndromes or yaufohtx.

Syndrome words usually end with the suffix -xtn. A sub-syndrome ends in -xttn. a sub-sub syndrome ends in -xtw. A third level yaufohtx ends in -xttw.

A pervasive or an insidious characteristic of the yaufohx inheres in all the elements.

An example is the “insecurity syndrome,” or dhviwsaxtn. Many yaufohtx may subsume under this banner. An example for level two is vifzioxttn (need for self-esteem). Within that yaufohx may be several yaufohtx such as nysbdjuwxtw (rationalizing), and ntdiaxtw (the need for power). Within nysbdjuwxtw (rationalizing) may be a level 3 yaufohtx: ihnpexttw (“the ends justify the means.”)


“Dhviwsaxtn vifzioxttn nysbdjuwxtw ihnpexttw.”

— In the insecure person prestige is found from achieving a goal regardless of the methods used and the collateral damage done in the process. Guilt and remorse are suppressed or non-existent.

— Naztko