The Endless Light that Purifies the River

The Endless Light that Purifies the River

   Seems like Doug is stalling on the writing of the blog. But after this calm spot, major events will happen So Doug did some philosophizing on the blog before all hell broke loose. Doug:


Lately I’ve just been staring at the rippling waters of the K’ut’mbletaw’i. It is said that the Gods left behind many pfayohoqwaahujpi (lightning boxes for guardian spirits to dwell in) that power the Endless Light and purify the river. The river is always pure even after many reckless picnickers have frolicked with abandon.

I look into the beautiful blue ripples hoping for a splash of inspiration to lift my writer’s block.

Zawmb’yee says I should look over my old poems to see if there is one in my trash heap that could be revised and purified. But I don’t have the power of even the smallest pfayohoqwaahujpi. I found an old poem, but it’s too weird to use I think, and I don’t think it is worth reading again:


In warmth
you’ve already read this
but I made you forget it
many spells ago
down the path
you’re on now falling

down the mountainside
to lush green sleepy
pleasant grass under
picnics’ bliss wine
soothing solitude like
a bath, bubbles a
swarming essence
perfumed with
perfect memories cherished
in sleepy fantasy
that counts to five

you’ve read
in many spells
down steeped tea
paths pleasing.

is quintessential
to awaken you again;
are you dressed for the day
or is it night–
but you’ve already read this
in warmth cherished,
and now
forget it,
forget what you’ve done
in warmth unknowing, for
you need not know why
everyone looks at you
again, and sleep
will overtake you eventually
to do what you must forget.
You’ve done it. Thanks.


Utcoozhoo Jumps Out of the Water

Yesterday, I don’t know when (I forgot my watch again, and in the endless light of the cave, there’s no way to know the day or time), I was startled by a surprise visitor.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Utcoozhoo swim. Somehow I couldn’t picture the scene of a wise old Guru, who might sit by a jagged rock face like his own face, impenetrable, not likely to float, swimming, but it is true that this wise one could chuckle like the water splashes.

Thus, sitting at the Nipeiskwari (Place of Meandering Thought), by the granite intrusion where the K’ut’mbletaw’i twists, I was surprised to look up from my notes to see Utcoozhoo leap out of the water like a dolphin with gray hair.

“You look surprised,” he said. “Anyone who can hold his breath for a couple of minutes can reach the Akwangtqua, enter the Tzvaleubhoi, cave of the third sun, rest by the Tree of Many Fruits and … but, of course, if you don’t know where the entrance is, you won’t have enough breath to return.”

Actually, I was more scared than surprised to see anything leap out of the water, and nearly dropped my notes in the water. I thought to ask, “Well, then can you show me the entrance?”

“I’ll think about it … but I wanted to thank you for helping Zawmb’yee — she’s a bit young for the Utd’mbts. I had thought to teach you, Doug, but you were too cynical at the time of the Maghuogke. Sorry.”

“That’s alright. I was in a crisis and would have thought the idea ridiculous back then…”

“Yes, I know. You hold your breath too much without going anywhere … always seeming to drown in sorrow.”

I was embarrassed to have too much dust in my eyes to answer…I changed the subject. “So, are you revealing the oral history of our people to Zawmb’yee? I don’t know what’s so secret. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I mean, if I want to know American History or Ancient Roman or Greek History, I just go to the library and get myself some text books.”

Asking about secrets made Utcoozhoo grimace. It triggered a long lecture, and a warning of sorts:

“True thoughts are not at all like words. They are more like dreams. They have many metaphors, many meanings. There are many levels of Utd’mbts to learn. One must be ready. First one must babble like the baby, then a first word, then a sentence, then a complex sentence, and finally the fine points of a dream poetry.

“The key here is you say ‘many books’. Each is a distortion of a different kind, a glorified hearsay — the gossip of the conquerors, the elites, the propagandists, ravings of madmen with charisma and minor magic. It is the written word of major and minor egomaniacs, words from scribes of the dominate class driven mad by their self-importance; words from scribes of minorities driven mad by their oppression, waiting for their revenge and reversal of role when they will rule and write with a new kind of madness. All of these are the scribbles that blot the world with cycles of boom and bust of ever larger magnitude, notation for melodies symphonic and chaotic, with a tone of hope in overture, an interlude of cacophony, and percussion like tornadoes. History of clash. Not enlightening…”


Utcoozhoo was making it clear to me that the oral history was much more than oral. “When will you tell her?”

“It’s not a telling as much as a transference. But I have to be careful how I say this to you. Skeptics can be blinded by their anger when it comes to mysticism. There is such a flood of pretenders that usually it is justified to call most crackpots, charlatans, or superstitious fools, but not all. I must tell you to be very careful with ‘Enchantments’… I’ve heard that Ngheufel has been stumbling into some dangerous states-of-mind without knowing what he’s doing. He’s a very stubborn fellow who I fear is on the edge of mischief. ”

With that, Utcoozhoo did some odd breathing exercises and dived into the water, swimming underwater to the Cave of the Third Sun.


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~~ Jeanne

I’ve never heard of the Ut’ishsih, secret cave or of Utd’mbts, but anyway I like “You In Me.”

I don’t think the format matters that much. There are different styles that are used for blogs. Some people do diaries and some just give information. Swimming to an underwater cave sounds dangerous. Good luck.

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