Yeah, I see there’s a problem because as I do the almost daily posts, they are accumulating in reverse order, so anyone new who hasn’t followed along is seeing it in reverse order. So here’s a chronology:

1. Some people encouraged Doug to begin the destruction of the world

2. Doug Is Looking for Love In The Concrete Jungle

3. Zawmb’yee Becomes Utcoozhoo’s Apprentice

4. Learning the Culture

5. The Endless Light that Purifies the River

6. Drowning in the Sealed Chamber

7. Captured by the Gods

8. Utcoozhoo Arrives

9. Going to the Blue Attic Club

10. Aftermath

11. Moving out

12. Looking for Zusoiti

13. Zawmb’yee Takes Over the Blog

14. Zawmb’yee Becomes High Priestess

15. Zawmb’yee Paints the Palace

16. Secrets and Disaster