The promulgation of this blog in the near future will destroy the world, but this seeming inevitability can be altered if you study the diary entries of the soon to be famous trio of Zawmb’yee, Doug, and myself, Naztko. It is available in book form. Although, I suppose I should introduce myself in a more cordial way even if Armageddon approaches.
    I’m Naztko from the future, but I’m starting to forget everything (it must be a side-effect). Anyway, I do know that in the future this blog will be partly responsible for destroying the world. Perhaps it is a world worth saving. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.
    It all started when Utcoozhoo thought it would be a good idea for both Doug, and his apprentice Zawmb’yee, to go up-top out of the caves and start to assimilate. He thought they would be part of a second wave of migrants who would keep the best of both worlds. The first wave assimilated too much and lost the most important parts of their culture. These Ojdispekib became corrupt and arrogant.
    But before I try to interfere I must study the blog that Doug, Zawmb’yee, and I as my younger self wrote more carefully. Doug began the blog tentatively in what seemed like a relatively benign diary until he became entangled with Utcoozhoo’s apprentice, Zawmb’yee. She has always been a little wild.
    There is much to study. There is little time to play. But Doug and Zawmb’yee are inadvertent players, and lovers and poets.
    But it seems like chaos is always breaking out. I’m trying to hold onto my faith, but fierce facts seem to get in the way, and the play’s the thing.
— Naztko

The Blog That Would Destroy the World
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But anyway, here is the saga so far on the blog that appears here for your edification:

1. Some people encouraged Doug to begin the destruction of the world

2. Doug Is Looking for Love In The Concrete Jungle

3. Zawmb’yee Becomes Utcoozhoo’s Apprentice

4. Learning the Culture

5. The Endless Light that Purifies the River

6. Drowning in the Sealed Chamber

7. Captured by the Gods

8. Utcoozhoo Arrives

9. Going To The Blue Attic Club

10. Aftermath

11. Moving Out

12. Looking for Zusoiti

— The BLOG done so far by ‘Kvizee’ Doug

When the Blog Was Taken Over by Zawmb’yee Nuje

13. Zawmb’yee Takes Over the Blog

14. Zawmb’yee Becomes High Priestess