I think you will be able to see how Doug’s catharsis in the writing of this blog emboldened him to continue to be wreckless, be exiled from the caves, and be tasked to follow the old High Priestess, Zusoiti, who takes over the up-top world.
    Sometimes fear and anxiety are good things if they signal that something is radically wrong. Removing them with writing exercises before analyzing the underlying problems can be dangerous.
    Writing is often dangerous. I would say if you don’t know what you’re doing, stop writing. And if you’ve committed sins, don’t feel good about yourself until you are remorseful; don’t hide from yourself your culpability in crimes.
    If writing makes you feel good, that is a danger signal. The manifesto of a tyrant, a King, or a maniac makes him feel good, have high self-esteem, and destroy without guilt or remorse. Of course, under the right circumstances, any ordinary person can teach himself to be a psychopath by repeating “I am a good person.” Don’t try this at home.
    And as Utcoozhoo used to say, “If you’re going to be shallow, get thee to a pond to ponder. If you’re going to be profound, get thee to an ocean and drown yourself.”
    Um, well, it loses something in the translation. But for the Gods’ sake, stop writing tripe, and ruminating on vacuous joy.

— Naztko


2 thoughts on “Writing Is Bad for You. Stop. #writing #amwriting

  1. I love this! Is it bad that it kinda made me want to try to write something? giggling…
    Writing is very dangerous though, very painful at times when you have to dig deeply inwards for the right words to write. I liked Utcoozhoo’s quote aft the end too.


    1. Thanks very much. Doug and Utcoozhoo were in charge of esoteric and obscure metaphors. But especially with Utcoozhoo, people were afraid to say they didn’t understand. Maybe it would be closer to the original if it were “immerse yourself in infinite knowledge,” but that wouldn’t be as much fun.


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