Doug Takes Back the Blog


Oh Kievifkwa, Zawmb’yee is in big trouble — she’s told me to take back the blog, but what am I going to say. I don’t know the up-top world, or the cave world better than she, and I haven’t been keeping up with the latest events. But I’ve been reading and…

What have I done… I ran away to hide from my sorrow, to stay with Angela at the Moose Café, because I thought Zawmb’yee never really loved me, or didn’t love me anymore, anymore. And a while after Zawmb’yee started writing the blog, I stopped reading it — I thought she would do fine and didn’t need me for that. I thought she would tell me everything directly in person, but she’s been so busy.

Oh Kievifkwa, what have I done! Maybe I could have protected Zawmb’yee from the Palace intrigue. Why did I run away from some small harmless joke about being the Royal gigolo (Lalasaco). It’s all my fault: I could have waited for her, I could have nourished her, loved her, kept her strong, of confident mind. I told Zawmb’yee Pirgrikwa! Be careful! Why would Utcoozhoo let this happen? Zawmb’yee is possessed by the demon Zusoiti.

She’s told me by her last message to continue the up-top blog because she says that she doesn’t think the elite pay attention to the up-top chatter — they have their own network. And it would be safe to tell the up-top world what’s going on.

I should have studied Utd’mbts again, should have known there was trouble ever since the park. Maybe it’s better if I die. I’m of no value against extraordinary forces and now I have to hide to even survive. Where’s Utcoozhoo and maybe I can’t even trust him– he put Zawmb’yee on the Grand Council and she wasn’t ready…

Maybe she’s right: I said too much to James Ziohat or let him deduce where the secret entrances to the caves were. Yeah, but Utcoozhoo told me to join the Xyiwa Poets, and I didn’t know that James would be so damn curious when I snuck back into the secret caves.

But if I gave away secrets, maybe I should be executed. Oh Kievifkwa, look what Zawmb’yee says they’ve done to poor James.


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