This blog looks like it’s in full decline and crashing into nothing…


2 thoughts on “Um

  1. You can crash into me if you wanna 😘.(giggling)
    Wish I could get back into the groove of writing. I mostly try to avoid my deep thoughts anymore though. Most of them are too painful to explore. Sigh…


    1. Yes I’ve heard that crashing can be fun. Ah, the groove of writing and the lament of lost metaphors: only vinyl records have “grooves” and they’re going the way of the dinosaur but I don’t believe that dinosaurs listened to records. But I’ve heard the advice that when you climb into the giant record groove at the museum that it’s best not to climb onto a broken record.
          I can’t seem to follow any of the advice I’ve heard, y’know, just keep writing everyday, at least a page, and don’t use “-ly” or the name “Lee” ( because it’s too short and Western or something or “Ann of Green Cables”, because it’s been done. But keep writing no matter what and don’t start a sentence with “but” or “butt” or “buttocks” or “Buttress”. Buttress not the day by sitting on the butt of a writer who has no hands to behold the inked canvas of the daily breaded day, to behold the moony- mooded wine that calms the savage pen, a pen of destiny, of valor, of tripe and smoked salmon, yes, buttress the soul with a word. Furthermore, if the parallel structure is done well enough, it’s not a damn run-on sentence, pish-tosh.


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