Teleportation can be done, but it is only called for in an emergency. When too many people acquire the knowledge, chaos can ensue. It is not recommended for those inclined to teleport themselves to a location inside a wall or onto a battle field. But a hotel room is usually acceptable if one has a proper reservation. Although, popping into an occupied bed is bad manners and not de rigueur.
    Teleportation can be mastered but it takes practice and discipline. The beginner usually needs the assistance of a mind amplifier like one of the hyxfacacda models.
    Before beginning, one must master one of the forms of deep meditation, such as the mikwumpa method, until they can reliably see and identify the iridescent blue lights known as the pfambuuwisen. Once that can be done, one uses them to find a desired location through the usual psychic means. In order to go to the next level, intense focus is required to jump into the scene like jumping into a dream. The first time this can be quite difficult and that is why the hyxfacacda is used as a crutch until the student gets stronger. But there is a misconception about this: no one is torn apart into their constituent atoms. We come into existence from an alternate reality and we can re-locate through it and come back into existence without changing any physical forms.
    Once you get to know it, it can be quite easy. However, for most individuals, it is forbidden by law. But you never know until you apply for a license.
    We’ll be organizing a seminar soon. Watch for the notices.


3 thoughts on “Human Teleportation Can Be Done Now

  1. I’d love to learn how to teleport, please add me to any waiting list that’s available for your seminar. Then i could teleport to your place or you could teleport to mine for dinner and maybe wine. I’ve also had some strange occurrences lately, maybe a teleportation seminar might explain some things? Anyway great writing ♡♡


    1. OK, I’ll put you at the top of the list. It may take a while; I’m sort of busy saving the world and thinking about my language project. I think maybe I should write more profound unserious essays. I look through the newspaper for ideas for an opinion piece on some unserious subject, but it’s very hard to be unserious, or ungrave with gravitas. Being unserious effectively is a serious subject, subject to further review and study. So anyway, thanks, and I’ll be on guard for strange occurrences.


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